Welcome to Modern Day Confidence/Boutique the Tribe of Transitional Pieces!

The Tribe of Transition is a blogging boutique of curated street and shabby chic pieces that assist high quality brown beauty Goddess. The owner/creator Dorothy Gray, offers a number of ways to shift your wardrobe from one season to the next season through the blog. When transitioning from one season to the next it is to undergo a physical change in style. Now, if you are stuck in a style rut or looking to change your style you’re in the right place.

Look at it from this perspective, Each season has a rhythm and in between each season there is a vibe to transitioning which should be smooth when it comes to your style. These smooth vibes occur when you mix pieces from Spring with Summer, Summer with Fall, and Fall with Winter. Spring is soft and feminine while Summer is bright and bold. As Fall approaches, there’s a calming crisp in the air and your wardrobe can still be bold yet vibrant with a smooth rhythm that flows right into Winter. Can you feel that?

Dorothy has 15 years of experience in the retail industry and has implemented that in the boutique. She is passionate about teaching similar techniques, beautifying women with self-encouragement, and is a stylist/blogger with a divine driven message.

Meet Dorothy at moderndayconfidence.com where they offer a limited quantity of pieces that range from small through 6x that fits the need of any fashionable occasion for:

Plus size – For the forever sassy! 

Juniors Plus – The young, wild, and sassy!

and Juniors – Just sassy!

If you need further assistance schedule a free session. For other ways to join the tribe of transition checkout Confidence On The GO!

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