The Beauty of Networking: The Fashionistas Brunch

The Beauty of Networking: The Fashionistas BrunchHi Beauties, I don't know about you but the weekend felt so surreal and of course it was over just like that. On Saturday, I had the chance to attend Naturally Fashionable's "The Fashionistas Brunch" in Columbia, South Carolina. I was too excited that she was coming to South Carolina. The event was held at the Blue Marlin in a private setting which made the event feel very grown and sexy yet, classy. I was able network, make connections with some of the ladies at the event, and discuss their ideas as far as creating a business and using a blog as a tool. The one thing I did recommended was for them to do what they felt passionate about and not worry about what others will say. There will always be someone who will have something negative to say. Take it and keep on striving. As for Kim, she was nothing short of hot topics, laugh's, and love. She opened the floor to ask the ladies what did they think about certain trends, how you should carry yourself with confidence, and only in her voice,"Hunni, the devil is always busy!" when talking about life. Network Network Funny thing about life is, two weeks before the event I knew it was meant for me to there because I started having car trouble with not one but two vehicles. I contemplated on giving my tickets away to someone who wanted to go but, if I did just that I would have missed out on the essences of sisterhood while be able to network. I would have missed out on the laughter and memories that I will never forget. So here is the fun part, I asked my good friend could we go to the event in her car and she agreed. We left in perfect timing and arrived in Columbia right on time but it took us forever to find a parking spot. We were having so much fun socializing the time literally passed away. Now that's a great network! Network  Network Network  Networking Network 5 1/2 hours later we were still in Columbia. The one thing that I was trying to prevent happened anyway. We meet perfect strangers that gave it their all to help us but nothing worked. We laughed, learned about some of the hangout spots, and ate some more.
 Network Lol, hey friend!
 NetworkWhen life gives you lemons make lemonade and I'm thankful for every sweet moment. Moral of the story don't allow nothing to stop you especially when you know you are distant for something much greater . Singing........I don't have to worry because its working for me. XOXO!

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