Stand Alone

Ephesians 6:10,11- Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil. mod1 Ten years ago, I gave my life to the Lord because I was drained mentally and physically due to the company I kept. There was a gang of people that I trusted and I allowed them to treat any kind of way. It was up to me to say,"Okay, when is enough enough. So, when I surrendered my life I thought all my problems would just magically disappear. Wrong! Little did I know (literally) it was going to consist of me working toward that lifestyle and I continued to party, drink, and smoke as I had before and everything was good. My social life gave me a rush of excitement as if it was new to me and I never lacked in my finances. All of my bills got paid like clock work. Let's not forget about my man candy of a fiance. He was a blazing flame for me and I couldn't get enough of the way he expressed his love for me. Our relationship was new for the both of us because we were so young at the time we didn't take other involvements seriously. Once I started to take this Christian journey serious, I had friends ask me why did I make that choice? Or they would say, "Your life will never be the same." I came to the conclusion that If I stayed in the world I would remain stuck where I was or If I Stand Alone things would be better. I did just that and I've been doing so for a while without realizing why. Now I know it was for me to experience much more. At the age of twenty-four, my fiance was now my husband. Two years later, I accomplished the unthinkable on my behalf and graduated from college with my first degree and a year in a half later I received my Bachelor's Degree all while unemployed. This was the Test because I've always had a job since I was fifteen years old. I never depended on anyone before and now I did. This made me feel like I was less than a woman because I couldn't provide for myself and it killed me mentally. By this time; my social life was shot, my marriage was being tested because the financial department went on permanent lock down. After filling out application after application, work was nowhere to be found so I took matters into my own hands and created one with my last $500 dollars. Yes I know, that's like having $100 now a days. However, it was enough for me to get started and to Stand Alone because there was something bigger then what others had to say about my dreams. nails_logo Exactly a year after starting my business, I started this blog to empower young women to always strive for better even if they have to Stand Alone, even if things aren't going as expected strive to reinvent yourselves. The funny thing is three weeks ago at the spare of the moment Where is UR Confidence? was born.

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