Repeat Fall 80's Trends

Repeat Fall 80's Trends

Are you a trendsetter? Listen here

Repeat Fall 80's Trends


Did you enjoy today's episode? Tell me how ready you are to have fun with these trends? Sassy Reds, Playful Plaids, or Fun Florals? And if you have not listen to the most recent episode what are you waiting for?

Let me be honest with you, today the opening of the group has me super nervous. Like my nerves are on ten! Mainly because this has been something I have been wanting to do for a while and I already attempted this group thing once before. It was a complete fail but I really learned a lesson. As for the Boutique's group, I've made a number of genuine connections and that is the vibe that I want to continue within the group.

I really want to this space to feel like the go to place that each of you feel comfortable enough to share what it is you want to change or add to the qualities that you already have.

Or completely stepping out of your comfort zone.

Either way I'm here to support.

And y'all know when it comes to #cocktailhour there is nothing that is off-limits with you and your girls. So stay tuned for that.

The group already has a number of tips, blog post, challenges, and a guide. The only thing that's missing is YOU!

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