Quality vs Quantity

fish On yesterday, I assisted my husband with cleaning some fish that he and a long-term friend had caught on Monday. Well, he’s more like family since he and my husband have been connected at the hip since middle school. There’s an old wise saying that says,”Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” I’m thankful that I’ve met someone who has so many skills that are necessary for survival. As you can see, he started a small fire to keep the bugs away while we cleaned the fish. I could have married any ole` Joe with the hottest swag, the nicest rides, or the dopiest shoe game but I didn’t. It wasn’t meant for me to continue my life going through that repeated pattern as I had before and neither should you. Young lady, this is for you. If that young man only has that quantity factor to him and isn’t in the stage of his life where he can’t show you the quality that he maybe capable of then he’s not ready and neither are you. Being in a committed relationship takes two individuals that have the same priorities in mind which consist of, growing together (mentally/physically) and learning together. If your partner does not encourage you to think beyond your current state then the both you have some more growing to do because if your going to be together why just think about the here and now. Why not plan for the future that the two of you have been discussing? Plan for your family’s future if you plan on having a family. Don’t rush into something that gives you a temporary feeling between your leg and can leave you with a lifetime of misery. Quality last much longer then Quantity.

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