Pretty In Pink Shift Dress

Hi Beauties, Today's topic on the blog is this pretty pink shift dress. If you've connected with other beauties on the Facebook page then you know that there's a couple of ways to style this pink shift dress. Since beauties can't get enough of this style of dress, let's chat about it. First things first, look at the brass detailing on this dress you wouldn't even need a necklace. Maybe just a pair of earrings and some bangles on each wrist and you're good to go. A shift dress such as this one is a must for any wardrobe. Here are four reasons a shift dress is a must have: 1.) A shirt dress is for any body type big and tall, short and round, or slim and petite. It simply creates a silhouette for those who maybe troubled by their mid-section. The shaping starts below the bust to the hip area which is seen in the pictures. 2.) This shade of pink will look great on any skin tone because it's simple. 3.) Due to the flare that a shirt dress has it won't cling as much as other dress'. In addition, depending on the length of the dress it can be styled with a pair of distressed shorts. 4.) As a result of a shift dress' simplicity, it can paired with a number of nude summer shoes/sandals, or bold metallic. Pink Shift Dress

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