Modern Day: Wide Leg Pant Fever

Modern Day: Wide leg pant fever Lately I've been obsessed with wide leg pants, boot cut jeans, and yes bell bottoms. If you are a woman who carries most of her body weight in the hip area then you already know where this is going. Details first. The gold glitter strip in these pants have a sista feeling like one of Beyoncé's dancers if she had a marching band. The width and length flow is just right when paired with an ankle boot or a classic pump. My favorite part is the fit. Yay! The way these pants hug my waist and hips without pinching is a plus. If only I could have these in every color. *Sigh* That would be life because wide leg pant fever is real. When dressing the largest proportion of the body you want it to look flattering with minimum pinching or bulging. I know first hand that this can be difficult when wanting to feel amazing. However, if this occurs go one size up so that you create a balance. If there is still bulging than honey flaunt every inch of your body. Take slim fit jeans (a.k.a skinny jeans) for example. I enjoy wearing them from time to time. I feel like my hips and butt are accentuated a bit too much unless I pair them with an over-sized shirt. Who doesn't love a over-sized clothing? If you do not own any do yourself a favor and try something new. Wide-leg pants are just the opposite. They fit in the waist area as I stated already however, they get loose after the thigh and just above the knee. Can you image the flow of these pants when walking? Just think about of all endless ways to style these pants. Modern Day: Wide leg pant fever that is. Wide Leg Pant Wide Leg Pants Wide Leg Pant

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