Fun Fashionista Giveaway

Fun Fashionista Giveaway

Hi Curvy Girls!

I missed you so! Let's kick this month off right. What is a better way then to do that then a Fun Fashionista Giveaway? I'll wait..........

But not too long. May is "make it happen month" and you are included. I'm sure you knew that. Let's have fun together this time around. We have been together this long so why not!?!?

In the video, I gave you all the details as to how you can enter in this giveaway that will end May 31. I will announce the winners live on Facebook and each person must claim their tickets within 24 hours via email. If you found the details in the description box of this YouTube video you are one step closer to winning the fun fashionista giveaway.

Columbia's Fashion Week will start on Tuesday, June 13th - Saturday, June 17th. If you live in SC or in the area I would love to meet you. I'm giving away two free tickets to Saturday night's fashion show. The same night I'm vending. You'll get access to Modern Day Boutique's new arrivals and a chance to win a $25 gift certificate. Whoever the lucky winner is they will get their ticket via email and the same ticket will also be at the registration booth with your name on it just in case you forget.

Here's how you can enter: 1. Share this video 2. Subscribe to the Curvy Girl VIP list. XOXO,

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