Confident On The GO: Bold Yet, Festive! #5

Confident On The GO: Bold Yet, Festive! #5 Be bold or nothing at all. Listen here Confident On The Go: Bold Yet, Festive! #5
We are in full swing of festival and event season. What will you wear? No, but for real. It doesn't come easy for some of us when it's time to get dressed. All depending on the occasion, it can be tough to put the vision together. This is why we connected. Smiley face!
One of the biggest natural hair festival are taking place this weekend in Brooklyn, New York. The first thing that comes to mind is loose and flowy maxi's, chokers, distressed jeans, and graphic t-shirts.
Confident On The GO: Bold Yet, Festive! #5 You want to be comfortable yet still stylish.
Here is an example of how you can wear distressed jeans to an outdoor event. Pair with a striped shirt and an Aztec print kimono. Maybe a pair of thong sandals or open toed flat metallic platforms all depending on how funky your feeling.
They fit like a boyfriend jean and are high-waist so they aren't to fitting where you wouldn't be able to twerk.
Although, you may not travel to Curl Fest you can still create these looks for any up and coming event in your local area. Get your maxi dress by clicking the link above or those by clicking the button here.

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