Confidence On The Go! Podcast: 1

Confidence On The Go! Podcast: 1

Hey Confident Queens,

Confidence On The Go! Podcast: 1

Welcome to Confidence On The Go! Podcast: 1 (The Podcast Edition). You know me you know I'm always trying something new to keep you engaged. Keep it fresh and fun while still being confident.

Queens we have so many roles and relationships while being on the go. There are literally too many to name. Yet, with every encounter shapes us for our best selves or our worse selves. Let's focus on the best version of ourselves and allow the not so wonderful experiences to mold us for greater.

The greater comes from our Grandmother's who tough us wisdom, our mother's who tough us to be stylish ladies, and our father's who tough us what or what not to look for in a spouse.

What happens when we are in the real world? We still struggle. We struggle with our hair in or outside of the workplace. We struggle with our body image. What to wear or what not to wear. How others will perceive us? There are a tons of issues that could be focused on but I want to provide a solution. Allow this to be your happy place.

Don't stress yourself over being different from what seems to be normal. If we were all the same then none of us would make a difference. People don't have to like you but eventually they will respect your work, the purpose, and the passion behind it.

Confidence is inner beauty and beauty is real. NOT perfect but real. It comes through growth then, believing you can do whatever you set out to do.

I may not be a full-figured plus size woman but I am a junior plus size woman who get's it. I know what makes us happy and that's style and beauty. Allow Confidence On The Go to be that go to place that moves you beyond your comfort zone.

Let chat Queen's! What do you look forward to?

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