Confidence On The Go : Style Tips #2

Confidence On The Go : Style Tips #2

Hey Curvy Queens,

From one fashion-sista to the next. Take a listen here and leave your favorite style tips.

Confidence On The Go : Style Tips #2 has to be something special because it literally took me three hours to find a soft wear that would allow me to edit via my phone. Then trying to find one that did not look to suspect for my laptop. Let's get into this post shall we?

Some of you know that about two weeks ago I was invited to an event for a local magazine. Hence, when Confidence On The Go was created. I though why not add a little something extra to the blog and just like that here it is.

The style of dress I choose was prefect and I am not the chic that thinks anything is 100% prefect. However, it was just right for the occasion. You will hear about this pink number first.

Do you see the elastic that I was referring to?

And how it would not be flattering for most body types?

One time for this fabric though, because if it wasn't for that I really think that all of my humps and bumps would have been an uninvited guest.

Confidence On The Go : Style Tips #2

The second dress makes me so happy. Shout out to my hubs for the shots.

When I tell you today has been a day but he helped me and we made it work. I really think it was the dress. Y'all tell me?

Confidence On The Go : Style Tips #2

Confidence On The Go : Style Tips #2

The same way you see cleans line with both pictures you can do the same by going a size up or down. If your clothes are too loose go down a size or if they are too fitting go up a size. Be mindful of the material. Ask yourself will this last two years? If so stay where you are because if a piece of clothing is loose it may work after you wash it and if it is too fitting then you just wasted your coins home girl.

Honest moment: I almost didn't get the yellow dress because it is loose for my underarm and chest area. That can be fixed with a lightweight jacket. Problem solved!


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