Comfortable Casual Holiday Look

Hi Beauties! Comfortable Casual Holiday Look: Over the weekend, I could not make my mind up what I wanted to wear. What I did not want was to be over dressed to the point where I would be sitting all night. At first, I wanted to wear something super cutesy. You know? A little shimmer with a whole lot of sparkle but I felt the need to relax and unwind. In other words, I wanted to have a couple of drinks and to be connected to the dance floor. A comfortable casual holiday look it was. Ladies, you have seen the shoes and the in the previous post. The jeans have been here as well but its been a while. They are from Its Fashion and the cold shoulder sweater is from Citi Trends. If you feel like you are missing out on the cold shoulder trend don't worry. You will have your chance when the warmer weather comes back around. This is going to be one of those transitional pieces and y'all know I'm all about that. I know some of you are thinking what in the world is she thinking wearing white? In my personal opinion, white will always been in you just have to know how to incorporated it into your wardrobe. Pair your whites with brights in the warmer months and neutrals in the colder months. Wallah! There you have it one piece just became a transitional piece for two possibly all four seasons. As for the accessories, the earrings are from Its Fashion and the bangles are from a discounted fashion store that is no longer open. I use to love that store not only for the accessories but, they were just getting new items in stock like eye liners and lipstick for the low. Lol! A girl has to save somewhere. Casual Holiday Look Comfortable Casual Holiday Look Casual Holiday Look Comfortable Casual Holiday Look XOXO, Modern Day Confidence

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