Color Me Happy!

Color Me Happy!Color Me Happy! Hi there, confident ladies! I created this look with one of the most sought after colors of the season, YELLOW. Color says a lot about the person who wears it like, "Here I am, you see me in this bold dress and I look good!" Wink. Color Me Happy! Most women who are plus size wouldn't dare wear a dress that's a solid color unless it is black. So, this is where I come in to show you how to put those bold pieces together. There is nothing more elegant than gold accessories with yellow. Don't over do it and keep it very simple because the dress is bold enough. On to the shoes and handbag. The shoes could have been solid black or black/white but its Spring. Nudes are in with bold colors and the handbag should also have a hint of nude with soft pastel colors and/or patterns. I hope you enjoyed this style lesson and if you have any question about your own wardrobe contact me.

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