Brunch to Girl's Night Out

Brunch to Girl's Night OutBrunch to Girl's Night Out Last Tuesday, days before thinking about a Brunch to girl's night out outfit someone asked me to brunch. I excepted because it was long overdue. Brunch could never get turned down. And I couldn't pass up on an opportunity to create a two for one look with a transitional piece. Take a cardigan or your favorite long cardigan. Not too long because you do not want the cardigan to takeover. This one is Simply Vera Wang from Kohl's and it's just that....simple. Plus, its a staple piece with the smallest details that will add to any fitted dress. Now your choice of dress can be a striped dress or a dress with another print just as long as the dress has two primary colors. Keep in mind the print is the focal point of the outfit and the fit of the dress should be just right meaning not tight. When choosing a boot grab a simple ankle boot of any color with the right amount of detail. You'll know when you see them. Keep in mind not too much because this is brunch. Brunch to Girl's Night OutNow when the sunset's and the spring night has set in. Its time to call your girl's for some cocktails. I'll have a Bikini Martini with the wine moto jacket. And you? You see how the layers changed from sweater to jacket? The jacket had to be my it piece with this look because its saying something but not too much with the dress. The same can be been for the handbags such as, changing the satchel to a cross-body bag. A cross-body bag makes it easier to carry the necessities without the worry of losing items in a big bag. Then there's the idea of you or that friend watching your bag all night and that's not fun. So, change your bag. Because you do not want to be that bag watching friend all night. Brunch to Girl's Night Out

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