Beyonce Winning Weekend

Formation Photo's: Beyoncé/YouTube Beyoncé's lace dress is by Alessandra Rich.

If you don't know what Beyoncé did over the weekend you living under a rock. After Beyoncé's big hit "Feeling Myself," the music world didn't really hear much from her until this Saturday. Out of no where Beyoncé releases her music video "Formation" and yet again the world stops just before she performs at Super Bowl 50. Pure genius! In the video Beyoncé sets the record straight on her southern style to her southern roots, rumors, and culture. Hunni, you know I was there for a little of everythang!


In this scene, Beyoncé is wear a deep plunge bodysuit in wine with stripped hosiery and a sliver vintage neck piece along with a vintage hairstyle. All while representing black beauty debutante style.

Beyonce Winning Weekend

For years women of color have been slaying. Vintage Madam, French Quarter's slay. Check out the lace detailing in her corset, neckline, and sleeves.

Beyonce Winning Weekend Formation "Y'all haters corny with that illuminati mess..." In these two pictures Beyoncé is depicting the style of creole women who practices black magic. Hence, the rumor that her success was due to worshiping evil. Don't sleep on the Moor in the back (people of mixed ancestry). Formation Mardi Gras is a festive celebration that takes place every year in New Orleans. Beyoncé is wearing a translucent Gucci dress. formation This Gucci shirt dress is channeling a hard-working "trynna to make a dollar outta 15 cent" kind of woman. Formation Most celebrates don't speak on the violence that is taken place in the black community let alone use their platforms to show that they are aware of what's going on. Beyoncé is also present for all the rumors and gossip that surrounds her child as well. Her overall message in the song states, that no matter what has been said, done, or is going on get in formation (the action of forming or process of being formed.) Work hard and get ready to slay! Be sure to sign up for updates, upcoming arrivals, and style tips.

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