Beauty On A Budget: Eye Look

Hello confident queens! I hope all you enjoy the day of love with that special someone and as always I have a beauty tip to share with you. I will be showing you a simple eye look that I created on Valentine's Day. So let's get to it!

Beauty On A Budget: Eye LookStep 1: Prep your eye lids with eye-shadow primer. This helps the eye-shadow not to crease. As you can see in both the pictures above and below that I used just a little of Milani's eye-shadow primer in nude on each lid.

Beauty On A Budget: Eye Look

Step 2 : Take an eye-shadow brush (2 on the left) and from the palette apply the eye-shadow that's labeled number two and apply it just to the lid. You want to apply it in a patting motion instead of sweeping it on the lid.

Beauty On A Budget: Eye Look

Step 3 : Take a blending brush (black brush on the right) and apply eye-shadow number three in the crease area. You want to apply this in a sweeping motion, back and forward. Don't be alarmed if the other color take over because in the end it will all come together. Now once the is that is applied bright and pretty you want to wipe the blending brush off with a dry paper towel.

Beauty On A Budget: Eye Look Step 4 : After the blending brush is wiped clean you want to take it or the flat brush next to it (not really sure what the proper name is for that brush is) and use eye-shadow number four in the outer v section. Just a little because you want a gradient effect with all of the colors and you don't want this look to smokey. Make sure to blend after each color is applied so that it doesn't look like each color was just pieced on the eyes. I hope you found this post helpful and until next time thank you for reading.

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