Welcome to Modern Day Confidence/Boutique! Modern Day Confidence was formally known as weRconfident and this is a blogging boutique. We want to encourage our clients to step out of their comfort zone and try something BOLD. From patterns to colors, Modern Day Boutique offers a variety of different styles to add to your wardrobe and personal style. The thing is most plus size women aren’t comfortable shopping online because of their body type. We want to change that with weekly style inspiration that can be applied to your daily habits.

“Style is a way to say WHO you are without having to speak.” -Rachel Zoe
It is time to step out from that reserved or somewhat introvert if you will and discover to how to style your body. Style an outfit specifically for your body and fit the new you . As a result, imagine how many women will be inspired by you. Your style is a form of expression, a way to speak to the world without speaking one word. It’s all in how confident you are.

“Happy days are here AGAIN!” – Unknown
Smile, because it’s a “NEW-NEW DAY!” This is an affirmation that all beauties should repeat to themselves so that your tomorrows don’t look like your yesterdays. Affirmations will give women the ability to see that there are limitless opportunities in every day, which haven’t been discovered yet. One positive thought can change your outlook on any day.

“The best way to gain self-confidence is to do what you are afraid to do.”- Unknown
Confidence is the feeling of being certain that something will happen or is true. As women often times we don’t know how to feel about ourselves or our bodies this is why we lack self-esteem. We know that there is something special about ourselves that others can see however, we fail to even see it within ourselves. Yet, here we are years later creating our destiny and being great women.


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