Dining with Confidence and Date Nights

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Dining and Date Nights
Dining with Confidence and Date Nights

In my book dining with confidence and date nights are mandatory…. It doesn’t matter if it’s the best of the best or a simple date over a home cooked meal the importance still remains the same.

Date nights are the prefect opportunity to constantly connect with your spouse or partner, unwind, and enjoy every moment. Might I add, sharing this experience is another level of intimacy. You can tell a lot about your other half by how they dress for the date and what they order during the date….From the main dish to the drink of choice.

Dining and Date Nights

Since I’m more of a homebody I’ve been enjoying my creative space, sweat pants, and messy hair so home cooked vegetarian or vegan meals still allow me to get creative. Plus, this gives me a chance to persuade the mister to try new dishes when his bored.

As for my drink of choice; I enjoy margaritas, wine, whisky and TONS of water. Drinks to me are like my style sometimes strong and bold or plain and smooth. When it all boils down to style it has everything to do with you and how you want to express yourself. As long as there are fun times and remember-able moments that’s all that matters.

And yes, I carried my backpack even though it didn’t match.

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