Recreation Vampy Look

During the last live, a couple you thought you missed the eye look but you didn’t.

I did my eyes off camera because I wasn’t to sure how the color combination was going to come together.

Be sure to check out the live where I explain the difference in foundation finishes.


Do you like the necklace I’m wearing? Or in need of a Valentine’s Day outfit?

You can find it here:

I call her Goddess

Why wear a watch when you can have the chain?

Looking for a red or LB dress to flatters your curves? Pair it with a cover up to stay warm.

Not really into gold? We got you boo!

Classy never trashy and Chanel isn’t the only one inspired.

You like your earrings with a lot of edge? These have you name all over it.

Are you more on the junior plus side when it comes to your curves and your bold with it?


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