Unwind w/ Chak Therapy Self-care

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Unwind w/ Chak Therapy Self-care

When you come across a brand like Chak Therapy, I bet you are thinking how would this help me? Let me tell you, these products are definitely made with love. All three of these products are handmade with natural ingredients and smell like they want to massage away any stress of the day. You get to choose the chakra you want to work with and the owner Mycheryl Russ creators a lovely fragrant that corresponds with that chakra.

Unwind w/ Chak Therapy Self-care

I choose to work with the Solar Plexus chakra which is located in the pit of the stomach. It is the house of personal power, self-confidence, and the power of transformation. The color that represents this chakra is yellow so the scent of each product was lemongrass. The scrub is not as hash as most yet, it can be used as a lip scrub. Plus, it is edible. Don’t eat the whole jar. As for the body butter it is whipped to perfection. It is lightweight as well as hydrating just like the bath oil.

Along with a lifestyle change (diet) and Chak Therapy you will be able to kick the ash. Unwind w/ Chak Therapy Self-care and get to know the brand and the owner here.  

Unwind w/Chak Therapy Self-care

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