How 2 Pieces Became One?

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How 2 Pieces Became One?

When we shop most of the times we just pick up a little something. A little something like a cute shirt or sweater. You know the one you kept eyeballing and browsed around to find cute accessories to go with? Yeah, that’s it!

That is your How 2 Pieces Became One? The same idea can apply to any out fit idea. Just like in the videos all it takes is a bold piece to pair with a vibrant subtle piece to make them turn heads.

Another technique that can be used are complimentary colors.

Now, for a second I almost did not style these two piece together until I seen the colors messed together.  We have all passed a couple of pieces up just because we did not know what to do with it. I got you girl!

Let me break it down for you.

Navy Blue is the new black so it flows with just about anything.

The red duster and navy blue compliment each other.

As for the blush pink floral, it adds a soft feminine touch to the red duster.

While the white adds depth to the look.


Here are the two piece together.

It makes a difference seeing them together wouldn’t you agree?

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