Cleanliness Is Next to God

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Cleanliness Is Next to God

I never understood the statement “Cleanliness Is Next to God” until I starting on this vegan journey. For years, it was only when cleaning up the house on Saturday mornings when God was present. Everyone had their own chore to do and if one of us finished early we had to help the others.

As I matured, I started finding that this form of purity can be achieved internally just by eliminating what does not serve the soul. There was a time I lived in a fog from not resting properly, disgusting too much junk like crappy television shows, or food.

Yes, blockages can be created just by doing what feels good which is temporary. Hence, the reason there are highs and lows. I’m not saying don’t enjoy what you like but create a balance of what is necessary versus what is wanted.

Why not create an experience that sustains a permanent high? A natural high that creates balance.

Here are a couple of ways you can activate the “Cleanliness Is Next to God” effect from within:

  1. Have a meatless day – Consuming meat several times a day can interfere with a number of factors but the biggest of them all is on a cellular level. We’ve all taken a science class more than once and if there was a class project that you recall more than likely it is the plant or rotting meat experiment. Just like a seed in soil the body needs nutrients. As for the rotting meat, cooked or uncooked it will still rot in the body or outside of the body.
  2. Unwind and unplug – Take a day to do absolutely nothing and if need be take more then one day. Turn all electronics off unless you need music to dance; paint your toes, read a book, eat as much fruits and vegetables as you can consume. Take a spiritual bath, light some candles or incense and cuddle with a rose quarts crystal.
  3. Spend time in nature – Close your eyes and meditate to the water. Walk barefoot in the dirt or sand. Take a deep breath when the wind blows and when your done admire the greenery around you. Trees release the energy that is absorb from the sunlight which is natural melatonin to the body. To put this into action huge a tree when feeling restless.

If you practice any of these techniques share your “Cleanliness Is Next to God” experience in the comment section.

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