Manifest An Abundant Life

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Manifest an abundant life. What is that? Most would think that it is all about financial gain but that is not the case. Manifesting an abundant life can be about whatever area of your life you want to improve with an overflow.

So as a way to challenge myself, I’ve been going places and doing things that bring me peace. It’s the smallest things that make a gal happy.

For about a year I would ride by this coffee shop. Thinking It would be awkward for me but to my surprise I was very wrong. I have been going to Aromas Village Coffee for three months now and it is everything that I have been missing. The vibe is a breath of fresh air, the smoothies are a vegan’s dream, and the herbal tea makes you want to snuggle.

I’m currently sipping on strawberry green tea and posing with hubs pineapple smoothie. These smoothies are a weekly obsession and the tea is currently like a latte when studying the newest style magazine.

Yeah, girl just like that!

I finally found a place where I can escape to read a book, blog, or plan my week.

Even before I discovered Aromas, I discovered a place of peace within myself. Now I’m to the point if something makes me uncomfortable I’m going for it. Once I’ve overcame that discomfort, the release is more than what was to be expected.

Going to new places and experiencing what is for you is a gift you can give yourself from now on. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

When moving past the point of the unknown an abundances of skills start to develop. Thus, you create your own opportunities. During any down time, find or create a quite place and work that undeniable magic.

Manifest An Abundant Life

Manifest An Abundant Life

Manifest An Abundant Life

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Manifest An Abundant Life

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