Confidence On The Go: In Those Jeans #7

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Confidence On The Go: In Those Jeans #7

Just the right fit. Listen here

Confidence On The Go: In Those Jeans #7

“Is there anymore room for me in those jeans?” Y’all can not deny that this song was the jam back in the day. While, you did a body roll in the mirror looking at ya bootie in your favorite jeans. Although, the video was vain the meaning behind the song made a lot of women feel mad sexy even if our jeans were not designer.

It is not the name on the jeans that matter but how you style them. Let’s not forget how they make you feel and of course how long the investment will last you. You want those sexy jeans to last at least two or three years. Yes, quality jeans can last that long if not longer.

As I stated in this episode, explore with jeans and get creative. The more creative your are with mixing jean colors, prints, and textures the more ways you can be sexy. Werk it!

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