Confidence On The Go!

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Confidence On The Go!

Hey Confident Queens!

Great things have are taken place and Modern Day Confidence is literally confidence on the go! What excitement! On last month, an opportunity was presented and on Tuesday I attended Greenville Business Magazine‘s Women in Business Sixth Annual Luncheon. The luncheon was held at the Poinsett Club which is absolutely stunning. Elegance is written all over this place. A fresh spring salad was served in the main dinning area with tea and water. I tried skipping desert but the fudge brownies with chocolate icing was already on the table tempting me.

Confidence On The Go!

The keynote speaker Lou Kennedy, a native of South Carolina was such an inspiration to me and I’m sure she moved some of the other women as well. Kennedy has a background in Journalism but is shining as the CEO of her Pharmaceutical company here in South Carolina.

Confidence On The Go!

Greenville Business Magazine out did themselves with this event. I truly believe that more Women In Business should have the opportunity to experience being in the presence of other women who are paving the way for upcoming entrepreneurs. I’m thankful for Greenville Business Magazine’s Advertising Consultant Elizabeth Mauldin for extending the invitation to me via LinkedIn.

Confidence On The Go!

If it wasn’t for this new-found “confidence on the go!” that I’ve had to coach myself with on a daily basis I would have turned down this opportunity. Then of course I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of meeting Nancy or Melissa. Nancy is a Human Resource Strategies that assist businesses with solutions. And Melissa is a Professor at Clemson University pursing her dreams in Consulting businesses. You could tell these women knew business. I’m just glad I was able to listen and grow from their knowledge. Beside this is what true networking is about gaining knowledge and implementing it.

Well done Greenville Business Magazine, Well done!

Modern Day Confidence



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