365 Optimistic Change

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365 Optimistic Change

Hi Beauties,

Happy New Year! Today I want to talk to those that believe change is not necessary. I’m talking 365 optimistic change. The kind of change that can take place any time of the year. Most people think that a new year is time for goal setting which it is but why wait?

365 Optimistic Change

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If there are obstacles in your way find ways around them. If fear is the issue do it anyway. If you feel that you do not have the support of friends and family members get around like-minded people. I can not stress enough how holding on to negative people will continue to stop you in your tracks. If you want this to be a better year or your year start here:

  •  Start by believing in yourself without validation
  •  Cut negative people off without any explanations
  •  Take time for yourself and relax.
  • Celebrate the small wins as well as the big wins.

365 Optimistic Change

The truth is I was in the same position about two years ago. I wanted a more positive life so I made the necessary changes for me. However, I tried bringing people I cared for with me on this journey. These were people I seen potential in but they were not ready to move beyond their own fears. So, this year I cleaned up. I cleaned up my social media, my home phone, and my cell phone. I even had to put a stop to those family members that live in the past. It was the worst feeling I’ve had in a very long time but, I did it because I choose to live in happiness and accomplish my dreams. This dark energy came from every direction and again from my loved ones. It hit me hard because I let my guard down and it was what had become of me. Now that I know better, I feel light and ready for 2017.

365 Optimistic Change

What are your 365 optimistic changes?


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