Black LaceLace It Up

If you’re not into plain stockings and prefer them to be a bit more on the sexier side, or you just want them to standout then you may want to try a fish net stocking that has flare. I don’t know about you but this style of fish net’s reminded me of the lace that would be incorporated into a dress. So, when my husband suggested that I try on these black lace up pumps with the stocking’s I wasn’t to sure but then this happened. I would suggest if you are going to try a more sexier stocking to try them on with different shoes such as, a shoe with limited detailing like a pump. It can be a platform pump, a classic pump, or booties. Whatever you do don’t pair these stockings with an open toed shoe. That is a definite NO NO! Don’t be afraid to try new looks when it comes to your wardrobe and if it feels right then it’s right just for you.

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