Out With The Old: Chop Chop

Out With The Old: Chop ChopBEFORE

This year I decided to dub it the year of growth. Out with the old, chop-chop. For me that’s personal because I’m tapping into talents that I forgot I had. Life happened as it usually does and I was existing without living. It took me awhile to snap out of it with the help of some love ones. Now, I’m fully aware of what I want, how I want it, and who I want around me.


Out With The Old: Chop Chop

Out With The Old: Chop Chop

Some people think letting go is the hard part when in reality your gaining self-worth. Letting go of negativity, bad habits, or death of a family member/friend (physically and emotionally) is all about your well-being. So, in the year of growth I let go of all the knots, split-ends, and unhealthy length that was keeping my hair from thriving (see what I just did). During my relaxed days, I would cut my hair as a letting go ritual. However, it took three years of being natural for me to realize that it was time. I transitioned for about a year which caused me to change, rethink, and regroup how I was caring for my hair as well as myself overall. I’ve had long hair all my life and it was time for a change in order for growth to occur so I’m saying out with the old in with the NEW-NEW with open arms.

Thank you for reading. Until next time, remember #confidenceiskey


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