How to Dress Your Body? Divide your body in half.

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How to Dress Your Body? Divide your body in half.

2 Piece Sweater Midi Set: Maxway / Trench Coat: Burks / Black Pumps: Shoe Department

How to Dress Your Body? Divide your body in half.

This outfit was super random for me because I was looking for dress pants but of course I could not resist this two piece. When I tried it on I was sure it was not going to fit but I was shocked and very wrong. I also thought that the top was cropped which it could be for another woman who is much taller and curvy. The reason for this observation is all in the material of this two piece set. Most women would run away from an outfit such as this one which, I almost did. If you’re considering changing your style and would like to try something like this think about the way the material feels on your body. Ask yourself is this accentuating my curves? Is it over accentuating my flaws? For example, if this outfit was a sweater dress I may have overlooked it simply because my stomach would be the main focus in the picture but as you can see that black in the top and skirt meet in the middle ( Camouflage 101). This would also apply to a skater style dress.  I’m not saying I’m unable to wear this style I just have to be very selective when I do. Here is another way of looking at it if you’re a woman who is top-heavy you would pay attention to how you dress that area of your body and if you have weight in your mid-section on down then focus on that area of your body. This is what I call dividing your body in half which creates a balance.

So, what are some of your challenges when you’re looking for clothes? What are somethings you like to wear according to your body type?

How to Dress Your Body? Divide your body in half.

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