Newbie Natural: Step by Step Wash-n-Go

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Newbie Natural: Step by Step Wash-n-GoAfter two years of being natural this is my first wash-n-go. Yay! To be honest I’ve watched other naturals achieve this quick and easy style but was frighten to try it on my own hair until a got a trim and let’s just say I’m in love with the method/results.

1. I clarified my scalp and hair with ACV to remove any product buildup. I mixed ACV with water in a spray bottle and let it sit for about 10 mins. If you have a itchy scalp or dry patches its probably time to cleanse your scalp.
2. After 10 mins, I washed my hair with Eden Body Works Jojoba Monoi Shampoo x2.
3. Deep Conditioned with Eden Body Works Peppermint Tea Tree Condition. I love the way this conditioner tingles on my scalp.
4. I didn’t have to do this step but the last time I washed my hair I did not do a protein treatment. I try to incorporate ORS Hair Mayonnaise at least once a month to strengthen my curls.
5. Once I lightly dried my hair with a t-shirt I applied Eden Body Works Coconut Shea Leave-in Conditioner.
6. Detangled with a denman brush and applied Lotta Body’s Coconut and Shea forming mousse.
7. Let it air dry and sleep in a awkward position if you attempt this at night.

Use the hashtag #weRconfident to show off your wash-n-go. Later!

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