I hope all is well on this gloomy night! Here’s a little something to think about If your living in small town or have transitioned from a big city to a small town. Look at yourself in the mirror and smile until your comfortable with what is looking back at you. That’s the image of your happiness and on one can give it to you but you. Unless, your willing to be controlled. Stop blaming yourself for your past mishaps! We’ve all been through something and missed a couple of opportunities to make a situation better. Most of those mishaps where lessons while, the others where bricks being thrown because you didn’t listen to your intuition.

If you like what your surrounded by then stay and be a big fish in a little pond. Concur your small town and make a name for yourself. Connect with others outside of the state you live in and use your resources. Your on the internet all day anyway you might as well make it worth your wild. No one is going to tell you step by step on how to get what your going after. You just have to go after what you believe in fearlessly because there will be times where you will feel like what your doing is pointless but, keep in mind that someone out there is watching you and their likely motivated by what your doing.

If your one of those small town individuals who’s ready to bust free then by all means be free but make sure you have a six month plan. You just don’t want to up and leave on a whim because you’ll be right back where you started. If your working save every penny you can and start a budget. Stick to what’s essential like food, gas, and utilities. All of the unnecessary spending and partying every weekend is not a necessity when you have a empire state of mind. It takes real sacrifice to see your dreams come to life and this may mean losing sleep if you have a full-time job, if your a student, or a provider. So, are you willing to be a big fish or are you going to keep getting hit with those bricks?

Thank you for reading. Keep inspiring others. XOXO!


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