Newbie Natural: Itchy Scalp, Clean it up!

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Newbie Natural: Itchy Scalp, Clean it up!
The day I decided to go natural I thought to myself, “What will I use to wash my hair?” For years I’ve used Pantene products when I chemically processed my hair. So, during my transitioning a (Newbie Natural: Itchy Scalp, Clean it up!)¬†days I purchased Pantene’s Moisture Renewal shampoo, Truly Natural Clarifying Shampoo, and Co-wash. At first, I didn’t like how it made my hair feel so I decided to keep these products for future use and lets just say that these products will be used as a staple.

During the course of this week, I washed my hair with Pantene’s Moisture Renewal Shampoo and I was really shocked at how it cleaned my scalp without leaving my strands overly moisturized and/or dry. My hair was manageable, my curls were soft and defined. Not to mention I used a generous amount and the smell was delightful

Newbie Natural: Itchy Scalp, Clean it up!
As for the Pantene Clarifying Shampoo, hunni if you have a dry and flaky scalp then you might want to pick this affordable product up from your local Walmart or Family Dollar. I suggest that this product is used once or twice a month because over clarifying your hair can strip your hair of its natural oils.

I applied the co-wash to my dry hair, I left it in overnight, and washed it out the next day. Once I finished that, I used the clarifying shampoo and normally I know some naturals wouldn’t co-wash and clarify at the same time. However, I wanted to know how the combination would work for my hair and I will definitely incorporate these product into my hair regimen because it gave me that “umm, my scalp feels good kind of clean,” and my hair was clean without it being super dry.

If you’ve used these product comment below and tell me what you think.

Until next time, thank you for reading! XOXO.

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