Sundays Best

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Dress:Black/Beige Lace from Ross
Shoes:Laced Open-toed Bootie from Rack Room
Earrings:Elegance from ModerndayBoutique
Watch:Rose Gold from Cato’s

As a woman, I absolutely love getting pretty and prissy. Truth is I didn’t start dressing up until I was about sixteen or seventeen years old because once I started developing I would get approached by older men. As a preteen, I didn’t know how to deal with situations of that nature so I covered my body with long seleeves, the baggest jeans I could find, and my timberland boots.

Fast forward to now, I won’t hide what has been given to me because today I’m well aware that as a woman no one has the right to make me feel inferior not unless I allow them to. So, my style of dressing is for success and for an enormous amount of respect.

Modern Day Confidence




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